BulldogThe bulldogs are friendly, loving and demands attention of people. Bulldog does best in friendly and loving environment. In fact alone bulldog is very destructive and cruel. Bulldog is very well tempered but proper training is required and it is important to teach them at early age about behavior. Bulldog demands respect from people, if respect is give bulldog remain cool and calm but bulldog attacked by someone; consequence is very bad it starts biting and cutting and become very destructive. Bulldogs are temperature sensitive. Hot temperature is tough and disturbing time for them. Bulldogs can’t live peaceful in chill weather; the best weather for bulldogs is normal temperature. Bulldogs are very strong, stable, thick skin and muscles are very strong. Bulldog skin is very deep, think, strong and full or wrinkles. The skull and forehead is wide and large. The tail is short and curled. They have large nostrils and nose color is black. Eyes have eye lids and color of eyes is black. Bulldogs legs are short but extreme strong that support to heavy body. Bull dog’s skin color is red, light brown pale blond or white. Teeth can’t be seen when mouth is closed. Bulldogs are generally kind and have little sense of humor. Proper training is needed to bull dogs. Bulldogs always remain in full energy and in calm mood. Bulldogs are friendly and feel comfortable with children and other pets. Some bulldogs try to dominate their owners and strong leadership can train and give them proper instruction. Daily walk is very important for them. Bulldogs are good and live calmly in house and best for indoor. Compact and small size bulldogs are best for indoor and all outdoor exercises are managed very well inside the house. Bulldogs have short hairs that are easy to clean and comb. Face should be cleaned with wet cloths daily and bath them regularly. Comb and brush can be used to groom hair of them. Skin infections are common in bulldogs. Some bulldogs have small windpipes and poor eyesight. Characteristics and personality of male bulldogs and females bulldogs are different. Height and weight is also different.

The Bulldog is not a demanding breed by nature, but Bulldogs do require a family to have a strong knowledge of the English bulldog breed and its healthcare requirements. If you aren’t enthusiastic to give to possible vet visits, then a Bulldog is suitable for you. The breed is basically artificial, and English Bulldogs have been bred for precise animal traits. Unlike most breeds, where nature has shaped their physical characteristics to fit their function and their environment, English Bulldogs aren’t built for flourishing in any natural environment. So before welcoming a Bulldog into your home, the first step is to become knowledgeable about the breed, and the second step is to find a vet that is experienced with English Bulldogs.

Overall, the English bulldog can be a magnificent count to your family, if you are ready to give the time to learn about the Bulldog breed and make available the proper health care. Evenly significantly, English Bulldogs need your time, companionship, and love. In return, you will get unconditional affection and love from bulldog.