Appearance of bulldog is the first impression that attracts to people. Many breed standards are developer and the main reason behind all standards is to guide the breeders so they can know which dog is perfect in specific breed. Appearance and temperament is main standard to judge a breed. Specific traits are checked in bulldog before buying or making bulldog pet.

  • Size, shape, character tics and specific breed pros and cons.
  • Style, temper, gait and heath are checked.

The general appearance of the bulldog is smooth coated, powerful and thickset skin. The head is big as compared red to dog’s size and height. The face of bulldog is small and shoulder is broad.

Sexual dimorphism

Sexual dimorphism is understandable in the bulldog breed, male and female has different size, weight and height. Male bulldog are more developed and hard than female bulldog.


The English bulldog breed is very brave, full of energy and determined. This breed is loyal, responsive, faithful, loving, friendly and well developed.

Head and Skull of English bulldog

  • The skull of bulldog should be large and broad. Correct head is with large skull and forehead. Skull should be rounded rather than flat.
  • Incorrect head is with button ears and protruding teeth, large eyes that are prominent and place wrongly.


The face is measured from the front of the cheek bone toward nose. The face should be small and short as possible and skin should be soft and tightly wrinkled. The muzzle should be short and turned upward and deep from eye and move towards to the mouth.

Viewed from the front the head should appear very high from the corner of the lower jaw to the apex of the skull, and also very broad and square. Viewed at the side, the head should also appear very high, and very short from its back to the point of the nose and should present a layback, meaning that when a straight edge is placed on the centre of the brow downwards to the tip of the under lip, the top of the nose should touch this line, provided that, first, with the dog’s head carried in the normal position, the line of the layback makes an angle of between 35 and 45 degrees to the horizontal.

The second proviso is that the flat of the nostril should not be vertical but should slope backwards. An extending nose accompanied by a receding jaw, and large protruding eyes, is called a frog face. The forehead should be flat, neither prominent nor overhanging the face. The default of a round-shaped skull with round forehead is called an apple head. The cheeks should be well rounded and extended sideways beyond the eyes. The skin upon the forehead and about the head very loose and well wrinkled.

The projections of the frontal bones should be very prominent, broad, square and high, causing a deep and wide indentation between the eyes termed the stop. From the stop a furrow both broad and deep should extend up to the middle of the skull, being traceable to the apex. If the angle is nearer the vertical than 45 degrees or, in other words, if the angle from the horizontal line is larger than 45°, the dog is becoming too short faced. If, on the contrary the angle is nearer the horizontal than 45°, meaning the angle to the horizontal is smaller than 45°, the dog is too long faced.


The nose should be large, black in color and broad. Nose should be paced correctly under the eyes and visible clearly. The flat of the nostril should not be perpendicular but should incline backwards. The distance from the internal corner of the eye to the tremendous tip of the nose should not go beyond the length from the tip of the nose to the border of the under lip.

Eyes and eyelids

Eyes should be placed very below the skull and as far as possible from ears. The nostrils should be gigantic, large and in black color. The rose roll should not be interface with the layback line.

Seen from the front, the eyes should be situated low down in the skull, as far as possible from the ears. The eyes and “stop” should be in the same straight line, which should be at right. The shape approved by the standard is quite round, the eyelids may often give a more almond look to the eyes. The eyes should be very dark in black color.


Ears should be high, wide apart and as possible far from the eyes. If bulldog was viewed from the front the ears are placed high above the skull. The shape termed rose ear is accurate, and folds inwards at its back, the upper or front edge twist over outwards and backwards, showing part of the inside of the burr. The eyelids should cover the white of the eye when the dog is looking directly forward and should be free of obvious eye problems.

Mouth and teeth

The jaws should be broad and shape should be square. The six small front teeth between the canines united in row. The teeth should not be seen when mouth is closed. Teeth should be strong and large in size. When viewed bulldog from front the under jaw should be centered and above the upper jaw when mouth is closed.

  • Incorrect when the upper and lower teeth meet each other edge to edge.