Beginning of Standards

The standards is designed and implemented by judges and usually these standards are used in exhibitions. Every judge and club developed different standards to judge the bulldog breed standard. Some standards measure tail, head or wrinkled skin so no fixes rule and standard to judge until now. In 1864, the first bulldog standard was made by the Birmingham fancier Jacob Lamphier. Members of the Bulldog Club compiled and wrote brief description and standard of bulldog breed in 1865. This standard is also called “Philo-Kuon Standard”. This standard was accurate, idealized and also complete bulldog description about size and weight was described. This standard was implemented for ten years. After ten years later the bulldog club issued a new improved standard. This standard main aim is to make bulldog more presentable in the shows and also carefully preserving all the important features of the old English bulldog. Many amendments are made in the standard from time to time. Weight and height standard was raised ten pound and two to three inches in height in Great Britain respectively. Kennel Club revised the standard in 1986, and purpose was to explain all things in easy English. Today, many countries have developed a designed their own bulldog breed standards. Bulldogs standard is based on bulldogs personality, character and temper. The standard is considered as the ideal specimen of the specific breed. Judge will compare the bulldog with all these mentioned standard and after comparing with standard, judge give final decision in show and select the winner.