Breed Info

Origin and history of bulldog:

BulldogThe English bulldog originated in the British Isles from the ancient Asiatic mastiff. The dog was given the name “bull” because of its use in bull baiting in 13th century. They were destructive, fierce and brave; attack on full grown bulls in battle field. This practice was banned by law in the 19th century. The English bulldog is famous breed of bulldogs. Today’s bulldog has a very different nature from those of his intimates, but still retains a strong strength of mind.

Appearance of English bulldog breeds:

  • The English bulldog is a large average sized with short legs.
  • The body contains wrinkled skin and additional skin on both skull and forehead. Cheeks of bulldogs extend to the sides of the eyes.
  • Nose of bulldog is in black color and nose is broad with large nostrils.
  • Eyes of bulldog are dark eyes and unfathomable position.
  • The ears are underdeveloped, thin and locate high on the head.
  • The mouth is huge, very wide, and hanging up to upper lips.
  • The tail is straight and curled and size of tail is short.
  • The small, level coat is instantly, smooth and lustrous.
  • Coat colors include red brindle and shades of brindle. Sometimes also come in brown, multicolored and blond color.

Height and weight of bulldogs:


Height of bulldogs of this breed is normally 12-16 inches (31-40 cm)


  • Male bulldog’s weight is 50-70 pounds (25-30kg.)
  • Female bulldogs weight is 50-55 pounds (22-25kg)


Bulldogs have Consistent color and usually come in red brindle color and sometimes black gag color body.


Short and smooth and skin is full of wrinkles.


  • English Bulldogs appearance can be somewhat aggressive and destructive.
  • Friendly nature and sometimes become harsh and suborn.
  • Bullheaded and strong-minded, this breed can be very constant and they do not give up easily.
  • They snore very noisily, most have salivated and has tendency to eat more and change their behavior according to situation.
  • Bulldogs are good for guarding, and take care of everything of the home.

Health Problems:

  • Breathing problems are common in bulldogs because have small windpipes.
  • Some bulldogs have poor eyesight.
  • Very sensitive to heat and sun. Sometimes get ill in very hot temperature.
  • Bulldogs are Very cold sensitive.
  • Birth defects are common in some bulldogs.
  • Skins infections, pain in hips and knee problem are common health problem.
  • Change in food menu and taste also makes them ill and lazy.

Living Conditions:

The English bulldog is good for pets and they live very happy in home. This bulldog breed is best for indoor and face problem in very hot and cold temperature. Normal temperature is best for this breed.


The English bulldog needs to be taken on a daily walk. Those who don’t go to walk face frequent behavior change issue. Train them and tell them how to end and exit from different doors. Give some instructions to bulldogs that you use frequently and repeat that tasks again and again.

Life bated breath:

An average age of bulldogs of this breed is 8 years. Some bulldogs may live longer and some may have age less than 8 years.

Reproduction time:

Usually 4 – 5 puppies reproduced by on female bulldog this is not fixed reproduction ration it may vary.

Appearance and grooming:

The even fine and short-haired coat is easy to comb and make bulldog look good. Comb and brush their floppy hairs. Wipe the face with a wet cloth and also clean wrinkles with piece of cloth. Wash the skin of bulldog with soap or shampoo after 10-15 days.