Bulldog Baiting

Bull baiting sport was very popular in England and bull baiting was played by all classes of people, from rich class to poor class. Baiting was very expensive game and heavy amount of money was used in betting. Every town and village had its own bull ring and bulls, bear and many other animals are trained for batting. Baiting was the main source of entertainment among the citizens of England. Proper baiting events were arranged and those events were open for everyone. Bulldog’s body was very strong and due its compact size, it helps to grab the bull’s nose easily and protect them from horns of the bull. This bull baiting was arrange in large open area. Bull was trained by special trainers and different strategies were also taught to bulldogs. When bull baiting event had been arranged and advertised. The bull was decorated with colorful flowers and garlands. The opponent bulldog was cheered by audience and bulldog was treated very specially. The first bull baiting was arranged in 1209 at Stamford in the period of king john. Dog owners started breeding bulldogs and having bulldog was became trend. The large skull and forehead of bulldog help in hitting bull with more power and ears of bulldog are curled inside and high above the skull. Bulldog wrinkled skin help the blood of bull to fell down instead of sticking to eyes or face of bulldog. This bull baiting became a public event and people lined up to watch. During 13th century, bulldog owners started even more crossbreeding to make their bulldogs perfect and stronger for bull baiting.


The characteristics of those breeders created were:

  • Short legs so that it was difficult for the bull’s horn to reach the dogs legs.
  • Large and strong head and have large jaws to grab the bulls nose tightly and easily.
  • Larger and heavier body makes the dog stronger and also helps in fighting with bull at same level.
  • Strong jaws and large windpipes allow the bulldog to still breathe when bulldog grabbed the nose of bull.
  • Muzzle has many wrinkles, so that wrinkles help the bull’s blood to run down instead of sticking to bulldog eyes.

Manny years ago, the bulldogs were bred only to fight and bulldogs are trained for fight and training was started when they were puppies. Bull baiting was one of the most expensive betting game and game rules were changed according to season. In 1272, law was made that mastiffs were allowed only to be owned by rich and noble status people because bull baiting was thought that it was game for rich people only. Bull bailing was bloody sport in which bulldog had to grab the nose of bull and for this purpose special features was needed that help in sticking to bull’s nose and kill him. Normally this fight was arranged in open field. Bull baiting was banned in 1800 because it was bloody sports. Bulldog was friendly and loving nature with relaxes temperament. Bulldog compact size and its personality it is best for indoor and after banned it become the family dog.