Purchasing a Puppy

Buying a bulldog is not an easy task; it takes brief research and information to make the right decision. You are not just buying a puppy in fact you are in search of perfect adding to your family. Buying a puppy is not a temporary commitment it is a life time commitment between owner and the puppy. When you have decided to buy a puppy then you should gather complete information about different dog’s breed and then make final decision. There are more than 400 dogs’ breeds from which you have to choose. If you have already decided to buy a dog of specific breed, it is still important to make sure that you are buying a good match. Some people buy a bulldog for the purpose of protection. Bulldogs demands lots of care, affectionate and attention due to their appearance and defects. Bulldogs are expensive dog breed. Before buying the puppy consider few important points in your mind.

  • Contact The Bulldog Club nearest to you. Many clubs and agents are present to assist you and help you in buying right puppy.
  • Appearance, personality and temperament of bulldogs vary. See adult bulldogs and puppies as many as you can to be sure that which breeds you want. Some breed puppies are very rare and it take some time, wait for the right puppy is worthy for you.
  • Choose the right breed. Breeds are human made; many breeds have many health issues so responsible breeder will give you right and health breed puppy.
  • Choose a reputable breeder.
  • Study in brief the bulldog standard.
  • Study and look for a good temperament puppy. Study the temperaments of each breed and after that make any decision.
  • Make a sale contract with the breeder.
  • Check the weight and height of the puppy.
  • Inspect that puppy is not suffering with any health issue.


One more thing is that you should decide that you have to buy male or female puppy. Color of puppy should be last consideration. Select your breeder and puppy breed carefully and also take advice and opinion of other bulldoggers. Bulldog puppies love to play and they are very friendly and loving. Bulldogs are best for indoor and they need regular walk. You should take the puppy regular to the doctor. Cleanliness and grooming of the bulldog is very important. You have to clean it daily with wet cloth due to its wrinkled skin. You also need to buy puppy accessories like house, pot, kennel, toys, bones, leather belt and chain and also dog food.

If you want a dog who is

  • Dog with moderate size
  • Spend most of a time inside the house and don’t need much exercise
  • Friendly and lovely
  • Short height and coat comes in different colors.
  • Barks seldom
  • Easily dependable on the world ongoing.

An English bulldog may be the right option for you. After considering and keeping in mind all these minds; after that make that make a final decision.