Bulldog Baiting Standards

Bull baiting was very famous bloody sport. In bull baiting, the bulldog attacked the bull’s nose or lips. Bulldog tries to hit the bull and get down the bull down to ground. Bull dog’s short legs, large head and wrinkled skin help them to protect themselves. If the bulldog failed in attacking bull then bulldog faced great risk and bull may succeed in hitting his horns in the belly of bulldog and send high in air. The standard used in bull baiting is as follow:

  • The short and thick neck
  • The back is short and ribbed up, if bulldog falls down the short ribbed back help in standing up.
  • The Bulldog’s beefy thighs and back legs, which are long than the forelegs.
  • Stifles, hocks and bulldogs curved lions allowed them to reach the bull’s head easily.
  • The light hindquarters and small belly played important role in reducing extra weight.
  • The lower jaw is away from the upper jaw that allowed the bulldog in directly attacking the opponent and to grasp the muzzle with great surety.
  • The head and skull of the bulldog was large and strong, the larger the head the area for all the important muscles accurate the jaws.
  • Bulldogs windpipes are large so when they grab the bull, still they face no breathing problem.
  • Blood from wound do not poured in eyes due to wrinkled skin and big eyes.
  • The distance between eyes is more and size of eyes is also big.
  • Ears are also far from eyes and place high above the skull.
  • Lower jaw is above the upper jaw when mouth is closed.

Standards are changed many times and many amendments are done in standard. Weight of the bulldog has been raised and by passage of time characteristics of bulldog is also changing. Rising in weight is not a good decision it is a wrong decision because every bulldogs are not suitable for bull baiting. Heavy weight bulldogs have only flesh that is useless not gives power or energy during bait. Over weight bull dogs are not active and they feel very difficulty in bull baiting, heavy weight bull dogs fell down very easily and can’t compete with opponent bull.


Judges compare the bulldog with the standard; bulldog is examined carefully on basis of following few questions:

  • Head size is correct?
  • Eyes are deep and dark?
  • Is the Tail is short and according to the standard?
  • Could this bulldog bait a bull?
  • Windpipes are large or small?
  • Weight of the bulldog

These questions are not the final judgment method, for baiting many other features of the bulldog is also seen. Every country has its own standard and amendments are made frequently in standard. Every country standard has slight difference no big difference. It is no utilize retorting that he will not at all be called winning to accomplish. Bulldog will perform good if bulldog characteristics matches with the standard.