Basic Needs

Bulldogs are very loving, friendly and caring dog that requires special attention and care. Bulldogs are not easy to breed it needs special attention and care. Bulldogs is not recommended for first time dog owners because bulldogs training and caring is bit a difficult task as compared to other dogs. Bulldogs basic needs are easy and simple; just demands owner special attention and demands time. Bulldog is best for indoor due to its compact size. Bulldogs all exercises are managed inside the home.

Guidance and training

Bulldog feels more comfortable in friendly and calm environment. Sometimes bulldogs become stubborn and at that time training becomes a difficult task. Training a bulldog is not a easy task. Sometimes artificial environment should be developed by owner to give them proper training.

Health care

English bulldogs have a number of health problems that demands more care and attention. Skin infection is very common in English bulldogs. Poor eyesight and hearing problem is also present is many bulldogs. Bulldogs are temperature sensitive. In hot temperature, they feel stressful, disturbed and lazy and in extreme cold weather they can’t live. Normal temperature is suitable for them. Skin is strong and wrinkled so skin should be cleaned daily by wet cloth to avoid skin infections and diseases. Regular walk is very important for them. Proper vet visit and vaccination is required to them.


Two white bulldogs with collars

An English bulldog is an omnivore and requires different food at different stages of life. When bulldog is need it needs more healthy food that help them in grow and old age they need less fat food. Packed food for them is also available in market with huge variety of flavors.


English bulldogs breed has short and floppy hairs. It should be combed at least three times a week and proper cutting of hair is done. Oil the hairs it will help in making hairs strong and long. Hairs should be washed regularly to avoid head skin infections and diseases.

English bulldogs are very silent and calm nature dogs and don’t shout more. They complain very rarely so don’t ignore them and give them proper attention and you should have proper knowledge about English bulldog breed.