Getting Start Breeding

Getting start with breeding is not an easy so think carefully before starting the breed bulldogs. There are some strong points and also have negative points about bulldog breeding. Proper knowledge and information about the breeding of bulldogs is very important. Many dogs don’t able to breed with other bulldog breed, may cause serious problem. Careful planning is required about litters otherwise overpopulation problem will occur. Some countries are facing overpopulation issue of the bulldogs. Breeding puppies is not a good idea, it is not a profitable business by breeding puppies the breeder get some extra money. Breeding puppies is very expensive and also time consuming. If you don’t have a reasonable financial means, breeding a bitch is expensive, you have to pay test fees, vet doctor expenses, vaccinations, round worm test, health certifications, food, whelping box, caesarian section fee and good care of bitch and also grooming of puppies requires lot money until the puppies are not sold. Finding good homes for the puppies is very difficult task and you can’t estimate the difficulty level.


Breeding is justified only when the matting is carefully watched and observed, also long term benefit for the breed in term of personality, appearance and health. One puppy should be kept with you, if can keep one puppy with you then there is really no purpose of start breeding. Most important decision is to choose a brood bitch and stud dog. Buy the puppies from the responsive or reputable breeder; if the dog breed is not good then it will result in temperament, personality and behavior problem. If the puppy was bought as pet then it will not the breeders wish to breed the puppy with the adult dog so give respect to the breeders wish. You will have to plan in advance about the future breeding before you buy your first puppy. Pet bought from pet broker or pet shop may give a doubt and there is too much uncertainty about the generation health and genetic health issues. Send the puppy to that pet shop that they can arrange brood bitch and stud dog. If they did not want to keep it so you can personally could sell to someone else. A bitch can’t be bred less than one and a half years of age and also cant before second season. It is good to wait for the bitch to sufficiently mature and also physically strong.

No bitch should be bred more than three times in her lifetime. If you plan to do more than three times breeding for bitch then consult with vet doctor, read proper books and get complete knowledge about extensive breeding. A common mistake made by new breeders is to increase food intake in early days of pregnancy. A slight change in routine also causes stress and behavioral change in female bulldog. Weight gaining in pregnancy also causes whelping problems. Whelping area should be constructed carefully in clean, warm, dry, lonely place. Whelping area should have heater and fresh water supply at every time.