Bulldog Breed Clubs

Bull baiting was a famous and most popular sport during 1200 to 1800 century. The bull baiting practice was continued till 1835, after that it was made illegal practice by an Act of Parliament. Bull baiting was banned and heavy punishment was given to those who still continuous this illegal practice. Bull dog demand starts decline because mainly bull dogs were used in bull baiting. Bulldogs breed was also declining and only few groups had bulldogs at that time. Luckily, true lover of bulldog breed got united and their main goal was to retain this breed and also increase this breed. Bulldog lover group decided to make a club for bull dog lovers and also club purpose was to increase population of this breed. The first bulldog club was formed in 1864 with the motto “hold fast”. R.S. Rocktro was the founder of this club and only 30 bulldog’s owners joined this club. Sadly, this club lasted only for three years and one thing that done well was first breeding standard was set. The first breed standard of bulldog was called the “Philo-Kuan”. The first original bulldog club was founded at Blue Post Inn in London in 1875.

It was the predecessor of all dog clubs in the world and existed for many years. Members of this club made standard and still today this official standard exist. In 1894, the bulldog club was incorporated, its main goal was to control and protect Spanish Bulldog that weighted more than 100 pounds. This club set the standard and also promotes moderate size in bulldogs. The club arranges exhibitions annually and also gave medals and trophies to the best bulldog and also to owners. The club judges were elected annually and after one year judges were changed. The first bulldog named Adam was registered in this club. In 1890, the bulldog club of America was founder by H.D Kendall, the main purpose was to unite and encourage the passion of breeding of English bulldogs in America. Originally club had limited number of members but passage of time its members were increased and membership has grown all over the country. In 1950, this organization was redesigned and the bulldog club of America became national organization. Organization had different division, laws and policies were developed and officers were rotate after every two years to other areas.

In 1907, the Bulldog Club of Philadelphia was the first local club to be known. When the bulldog club of America was founder, they used the English bulldog standard. In 1896, a committee was made that aim is to make new standard. The first club that is founded outside the Great Britain and United States of was the South African Bulldog Club. the South African Bulldog Club was founded in 1908 under the leadership of Dr.Currie. in 1913, the first championship held at the South African Bulldog Club. Now many bulldogs clubs are opened and almost every country has its own bulldog club, standard of bulldog of every country is slightly different from other country.