bulldog (1)

Personality, temper and character of each bulldog are different with other bull dog.

  • Bulldogs are very sensitive and their mood changes frequently. If owner or family is happy it will effect bulldog mood and make bulldog happy and more obedient.
  • Bulldogs are very loving, affectionate, friendly and caring.
  • Training the bulldog is not an easy task but if trainer or owner train the bulldog in friendly and loving environment. This task becomes very simple and easy.
  • Bulldogs are very stung, hard and brave. Defend their owner and gives full protection to owner.
  • Bulldogs are more protective and loving towards small kids.
  • Bulldog is full time true guard that protects their owner and has good sense of investigation and smelling.
  • Usual bulldogs are friendly but at some time they become suburb.
  • Some dogs are very fast and jump towards you and lick you but some are lazy and play only when their mood is good.