Line drawings of a bulldog face in many positions

Key attributes

  • Large skull and forehead
  • Rose ears and curled towards inside
  • Large nose, black in color and should have large nostrils and windpipes. Wrinkles
  • Lower jaw should be above the upper jaw.
  • Broad and large shoulders
  • Straight forelegs
  • Wrinkled skin
  • Teeth should be in line.
  • Ears should be high and above the skull.
  • Weight and size should be according to standards.

Head profile

Line drawings of a bulldog face in many positions
  • Lay back, the nose should stroke directly to line going from the centre of the brow and downwards to the tip of the under lip
  • impede, profound and extensive groove between the eyes
  • Nose large, broad and black. The nostrils should not be vertical in fact nostrils are inclined.
  • Rose ears and high as possible above the skull.
  • Eyes should be in black color and dark.
  • The face is short and small.
  • Teeth are not shown when mouth is closed.
  • Checks are full of wrinkles and fall down.

Head from preview

  • Top of head big and flat.
  • Ears are high and above the line of skull.
  • Deep and wide space between eyes.
  • Cheeks are rounded and extended below eyes. Cheeks skins is thick and tightly wrinkled.
  • Viewed from the front, the skull should appear very high and ears are above the skull line.
  • The head and face should be sheltered with heavy wrinkles.
  • The flews is called the chops and it should be think and hard.
  • Nostrils should be large and black in color.

Front view

Line drawings of a bulldog in many positions
  • Accurate ribcage with abundance of spiral
  • Correct turn of elbow and shoulder should be wide and large.
  • Near cube formed by the in a straight line vertical to forelegs and there should be correct ration between legs length.
  • Deformed outline and forelegs should be straight.
  • Ears are curled inside and are in shape of rose.
  • Cheeks are rounded below the eyes and skin is full of wrinkled.
  • Neck very jiffy and strong.
  • Feet turn a little apparent, moderately round, with toes well split up
  • Hind feet is solid, these feet are giving look of peer shaped body.